Credential Policy

CDI Tactical requires applicants to supply certain documentation prior to participation in training. Acceptance of credential documents is at the sole discretion of CDI Tactical. Applicant verifies that all credential documentation is true and correct.

Denial of Service
CDI Tactical reserves the right to deny training to anyone or any group for any reason without disclosure of reasons for denial. Refunds will not be given in the event a prohibited person enrolls in a course and is discovered to be disqualified from participation.

FIRST TIME STUDENTS: Each first-time prospective applicant must provide the following credential documentation via E-mail or US Mail (no later than seven (7) days prior to class) to attend a CDI course. Provide both forms of documentation for applicable student requirements.

Current, Active Duty, Reserve, MIL/LE
  1. Copy of U.S. driver’s license or passport
  2. ID card or evidence of current, active duty, reserve, MIL/LI
Civilian or Retired MIL/LE
  1. Copy of U.S. driver’s license or passport
  2. Any one of the following
    • current concealed weapons permit/license
    • trusted traveler program approval/card
      • Global Entry
      • NEXUS
      • SENTRI
      • TSA PreCheck
    • statement of no criminal history from a law enforcement agency dated within the last 90 days
The following categories of persons are prohibited from training with CDI Tactical:
  • Non-U.S. citizens not legally present in the United States (for CONUS courses)
  • Persons prohibited from possessing firearms due to felony conviction, misdemeanor domestic violence conviction IAW the Lautenberg Act, or a qualified domestic restraining order (Brady Act restriction)
  • Persons who are known or believed to have an affiliation with any criminal groups such as Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) or other groups CDI Tactical deems to be incompatible with our ethos